Mouth Arcade

About Mouth Arcade

Mouth Arcade is a multi-sensory video game design studio that creates flavorful, electrifying, art-driven experiences to connect diners to their food and to one another.

The NYC-based project was founded by artist and industrial designer, Andy An. Since inception, Mouth Arcade has worked with private clients, hospitality groups, and brands including Delta Airlines, Vice Media, and VR World NYC.

Our work, in constant critique of the restaurant industry, leverages the community-oriented aspects of video game culture and food culture to engage and connect audiences worldwide.


SINCE 2015

Mouth Arcade has created spectacular interactions to connect diners to their food and to one another.

We work with commercial brands, private clients, and agencies to deliver emotionally compelling experiences through a uniquely playful approach rooted in industrial design.

Drawing inspiration from science fiction and theater, we offer niche creative service in custom food-safe mold making and video-game-connected tastings.

Whilst Mouth Arcade’s concepts often display hints of eccentric and sentimental ideals, our dedication to functionality and process is evident.



Video Game Design
Food-Safe Mold-Making
Brand Consulting
Exhibition Design
Art Direction

Our work has been used for: Installations, Restaurant Experiences, Product Styling, Media Content


Notable Clients