Mouth Arcade

You, Me, & Mt Rainier

A commissioned interactive food installation made for Delta Airlines.

you, me, & mt Rainier


Programmed exclusively for Delta Airlines,

You Me & Mt Rainier is a two-player interactive dining experience that pays tribute to the daydream settings of in-flight meals. Co-players, both friends and strangers, were taken on a journey through London, Tokyo, and Seattle as they enjoyed delicious Rainier Cherry sorbet.

Inspired by the event's theme, "Food That Takes You Places", Mouth Arcade created a video game where every bite of sorbet taken at a custom-fabricated booth progressed players through each gorgeous game environment.

You Me and Mt Rainier debuted at the Delta Launchpad in Seattle Washington, August of 2017. Received with great affection, The installation used sorbet, tech, and play to bring guests together.